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Self-Mastery through Kokikai

Kokikai Aikido is a journey to self-mastery through martial arts training. The Kokikai method encourages students to realize their full potential in all activities of daily life through effective self-defense techniques. The development of inner strength (Ki power) increases physical and mental strength, improves mind-body coordination, and stimulates good health. Kokikai Aikido helps students build a secure foundation for a successful and fulfilling life both on and off the mat.

The Kokikai School of Aikido features a logical training system with concrete goals that will lead to a mastery of self-defense and the development of each individual's full potential power. This correct state of being will become constant and dependable through rigorous training. The Kokikai Training Method will lead students to deeper self-discovery. The result will ultimately be the betterment of ourselves, our society, and the whole world. Please join us in realizing your full potential through Kokikai Aikido.

Kids Classes

Our kids classes are 2 days a week and are designed to teach confidence and self-defense in a positive environment.

Upcoming Events

3.10.2017 - 3.12.167
Winter Camp 2017