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Classes are designed to develop a calm mind and a strong coordinated body through the practice ki development excercises, breathing and meditation, and effective self-defense techniques.

The three components of class are:

  • Warm-Ups: Stretching excercises to prepare your body for practice.
  • Aiki Taiso: Ki Development exercises to coordinate your mind and body.
  • Self-defense Technique: Technique involves responses to one or more attackers.

Keystone dojo

Kendo Class - 9am-10:10am - Nobukazu Miura, All US Kendo Federation
*Classes are $20 each
Adult Class - 10:30am-11:30am - Jason Martin
Advanced Adult Class - 11:30am-12am - Jason Martin

Adult Class - 7pm-8:10pm - Mike Charlton
Kendo Class - 8:15pm-9:30pm - Nobukazu Miura, All US Kendo Federation
*Classes are $20 each

Adult Class - 7pm-8:30pm - Todd Kupper

Kids/Teen Class - 6:15pm-7pm - Todd Kupper/Laura Rosenbloom
Adult Class - 7pm-8pm - Todd Kupper
Advanced Adult Class - 8pm-9pm - Todd Kupper

Kids Class - 9am-9:45pm - Charlie O'Brien
Adult Class - 10am-11am - Charlie O'Brien

*Gracie Jujitsu Classes on rotating schedule, please call for details

** Vistitors are welcome to watch or even try a class by prior arrangement.